The 10 Best Original Songs In Doctor Who

The Fifth Doctor not only manages to thwart the plot, but gains Kamelion as a traveling companion afterwards. “The King’s Song” appears briefly in “The King’s Demons” being sung by Kamelion as King John. The episode’s writer, Terence Dudley, penned the lyrics, with music being provided by Peter Howell; Gerald Flood sung the tune, accompanied by Jakob Lindberg on the lute. The melody forms a leitmotif to the rest of the score, an act of musical subtlety almost completely absent in the classic era. 9. “My Angel Put the Devil in Me” I don’t put a high score on “Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks,” an ultimately pedestrian story that offers very little. However, it does feature one of Murray Gold’s better original songs in Miranda Raison’s cabaret number “My Angel Put the Devil in Me.” The song is apparently popular enough to still have cover versions of it many years into the future, as Captain Jack Harkness is listening to it in an alien bar in “The End of Time.” 8. “Abigail’s Song (Silence Is All You Know)” I was going to put “The Long Song” from “Rings of Akhaten” on here, but listening to that tune without Matt Smith’s amazing monologue in the middle just goes to prove that it’s not really all that good. Instead, Murray Gold’s Christmas carol from “A Christmas Carol” gets the mention, performed by the angelic Katherine Jenkins. Not only is Jenkins’ singing incomparably beautiful, but the orchestral arrangement is exceptionally brilliant. No wonder the song had the power to guide a crashing spaceship to safety. 7. “In a Dream” I had always just assumed that the soft jazz song that the Seventh Doctor was listening to right before The Master sprang the trap that led to his death and regeneration was just one of the thousands of old standards I had never heard of. No, it was a completely custom-recorded song written by Barbara L. Jordan and William Peterkin and sung by Pat Hodges. Later, after the Eighth Doctor has saved the Earth and escapes back to the Tardis for new adventures, he resumes listening to the song.

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