Canadian Doctors To Identify Questionable — And Possibly Harmful — Tests And Procedures

One study estimated that the more than two million CT scans of the lower back performed in the U.S. in 2007 will lead to 1,200 new cancers. Most back pain gets better on its own but ared flaga signs that a CT scan may be needed include a history of cancer, unexplained weight loss, or loss of feelings or muscle strength in the legs. Few doctors can boast that they have never ordered a test or intervention athat upon reflection we would agree promises little benefit to the patient,a said Dr. Anna Reid, outgoing president of the CMA. Sometimes itas a case of appeasing an insistent patient awho firmly believes a certain test or treatment is required,a she said. Delegates on Tuesday also called for a national strategy for physician workforce planning to ensure the right number and mix of doctors is deployed across the nation. The last national review was completed in 1975, almost 40 years ago, Reid said. Medical school enrollment has increased by roughly 80 per cent over its low point in 1997. But medical schools are training too many residents in some areas and too few in others. For example, Ontario expects to have 453 more general internal medicine specialists than it needs by 2021 a as well as an oversupply of orthopedic surgeons a but a shortage of 248 psychiatrists. aSome provinces and regions are very good about making sure where the residents need to go a which residency programs need to be expanded and which need to be drawn down. But there is really no strategy across the country,a said Dr. Jesse Pasternak, a fifth-year surgical resident at Hamiltonas McMaster University and chair of the physician resource committee at the CMA.

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Canadian doctor: Zdeno Chara deserved 80 games for Pacioretty hit, condemns NHL violence

Ive always found this to be such a strange argument. Ive watched the NHL for over 25 years. Ive actually been waiting for them to begin promoting violence in a way that would connect with casual American fans who only speak three languages in sports: Scoring, gambling and violence. And since the NHL will never have the first and Americans dont wager on the second, the third option was always the best. Yet for decades, the NHL ran away from violence while the NFL, pro wrestling and MMA captured huge market shares by embracing it. The NHL has a winking acceptance of fighting, for example, as part of the game. Does it promote it? It doesnt ignore it. But its still a League that markets offensive flourish, maudlin nostalgia and championship glory more than it does the Rockem Sockem stuff. That said, the NHL isnt eradicating its violent aspects, at least to Harveys satisfaction: “I wanted my motion to be specific to the NHL because that’s where it happens,” said Harvey. “If the NHL stops doing that or makes a significant move to reduce those concussion rates, I’m sure the whole hockey industry and minor league hockey will follow. We deplore it because it has a significant impact on our players health and those players are major role models for teenagers and kids,” he said.

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