Does Penn State health care mandate violate worker privacy?

Live in — New — — so what are the questions that have people concerned about this — — — were talking about a wide range of questions here are some ask about height weight and cholesterol but as you mentioned others are considered far more intrusive ranging from use of tobacco. To feelings of depression. One question asks and I quote have you had five or more alcoholic drinks — a single sitting in the last six months and men are asked. Do you do a monthly sister’s — self exam employees who don’t answer all questions — find 100 dollars month. The school says the information is kept confidential but critics well they’re not so short. At least one professor says he will fill it out but only — of nonsensical answers. My suggestion is that — — employees dutifully fill up their profiles. And filled with junk. So for example in my profile — three feet eight inches — highway fifty pounds. In addition to the surveyed employees also have to undergo a physical exam. At a — there’s — — while medical vans and — have already some are calling this the other.

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