Fuad: More medical specialists needed

Three teaching hospitals churn out 7,000 medical specialists – Najib

Khan said there was a shortage of medical practitioners in several specialist areas and he was trying to implement plans to increase the number of local specialists, and to expand specialist training locally. To help solve the problem, Khan said he would be taking to Cabinet a proposal to have a university hospital established at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope. Khan said he will be asking the assistance of the Ministry of Science Technology and Tertiary Education (STTE) and John Hopkins University Medical School in Baltimore, Maryland to start a University Hospital of Trinidad and Tobago. Khan said he agreed with president of the Trinidad and Tobago Medical Association Dr Frank Ramlakhansingh, who said there was no shortage of doctors but too few with postgraduate training in specialist fields. Ramlakhansingh said hundreds of millions of dollars were being spent for local doctors to get qualifications, but many were practicing abroad. The State was left in a position of having to employ foreigners to fill the specialists positions in the public health care system, Ramlakhansingh said. Khan said more medical research and development was needed and there was a need to monitor tertiary students who were funded by the government because many were not sticking to their contract of working for the government for a number of years upon completion of their degree. Khan agreed with the STTE’s Minister Fazal Karim who said that State-assisted students should each have a guarantor, so that if they did not stick to the contract “there will be somebody who will have to pay.” Khan said it will not cost much money to establish the university hospital; there will just be a shift in management. The speciality areas needed were neurosurgery, haematology, pathology, radiology, laparoscopic surgery (surgery of the abdomen), cardiology, paediatric surgery and paediatric sub-specialites, such as paediatric neurology and paediatric cardiology. Khan said, “We also need a lot of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and specialists in different areas. We need a whole host of sub-specialists because they need to concentrate and focus on a specialist area.” He said, “I am also in the process of working on a Cabinet note to allow doctors who have been trained already and are in the programme to access full pay study leave to do sub-speciality training programmes so they could bring their expertise back to Trinidad to train the young doctors that are coming up.” Three doctors have already been sent abroad at a cost of $250,000 per scholarship to study in the areas of neurology, laparoscopic surgery and paediatric neurology, he said.

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We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later. KUALA LUMPUR: Three university teaching hospitals under the Education Ministry have produced more than 7,000 experts in various medical fields in the country, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. The teaching hospitals are University of Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC) in Kuala Lumpur, Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan and Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in Cheras. The Prime Minister said the medical experts contributed and served in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, Otorinolaringology, Ophthalmology and Paediatrics. “In the field of pediatrics or children, the three university teaching hospitals have produced more than 450 experts,” he said in his speech when launching the Permata Children Specialist Hospital at the UKM Medical Centre, here today. Also present was his wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, who is also the patron of PERMATA Negara. Najib said the first Permata children specialist hospital in the country was expected to be ready in 2017 and would become another teaching hospital to train more doctors and child specialists as well as sub-specialists in the various paediatric disciplines. The hospital will have 135 experts and medical officers as well as more than 1,700 support staff. In addition, the Prime Minister said 12,000 medical doctors had been produced by the 17 other public and private institutions of higher learning offering medical doctor degree programmes. Najib also said that the doctor: population ratio in the country had reached 1 doctor for every 800 residents and this was expected to reach a ratio of 1:600 in 2015, that is the standard stipulated by the World Health Organisation. “The government has implemented a very comprehensive health service system, including rural maternity services, rural clinics, health clinics, district hospitals, general hospital and tertiary hospital like the Hospital Kuala Lumpur,” he added. Story first published on: August 24, 2013 07:48 (MYT) Tags: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Education Ministry, medical Also See

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Minority children with autism lack access to specialists

Research shows that when the disadvantaged are healthier, the country as a whole is healthier. Yes, those who could afford health care regardless of how it is structured would be healthier if the disadvantaged were healthier. It also goes without saying also that there is a lot of money to be saved by preventative care that a better health care system would grant us. I know we are the greatest country in the world, and many of us feel that that means we can not learn anything from any other country. Nevertheless, we really could and should. Other developed countries have better health care systems than the U.S.. I know this shocks some people and others just choose to ignore this fact or to find a way to just not believe it. However, it is true. Their health care cost less, the patients have better outcomes and many illnesses are simply prevented in the first place. If the thought of everyone being healthy does not appeal to all, don’t focus on everyone else. Just focus on yourself and what others becoming healthier will mean for you. June 25, 2013 at 23:37 | Report abuse | Fiona How about his explanation for the disparity: white moms and dads go to great lengths to have their kids deemed “autism spectrum” so the kids can get extra attention and serives on the public dime? It’s very common in my state. June 17, 2013 at 23:34 | Report abuse | Reply Alene Yeah, that sounds like a plausible explanation. Who in their right mind would WANT their child to be autistic or labeled autistic? I think your logic is a bit faulty.

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Criminal networks exploiting Canada’s medical marijuana program: RCMP

CMA calls for national review of physician supply, demand

CMA calls for national review of physician supply, demand

The findings follow numerous warnings and reports of illegal activity linked to Health Canada’s Marijuana Medical Access Regulations initiative. The department has announced a complete reworking of the medical marijuana system in part due to concerns about the risk of criminal exploitation. Under the existing program, to be phased out by April 1, 2014, individuals are issued licences to grow marijuana for their personal use to help ease the symptoms of their medical conditions. More than 30,000 people across the country are authorized to use the drug for medical purposes. The Mounties have long advised that the illegal marijuana trade is a multibillion-dollar industry in Canada. The RCMP report cites case studies that reveal criminal tactics for abusing the federal program, including: Producing marijuana in excess of the quantity allowed under a Health Canada permit in one instance almost 80 kilograms annually, with a street value of more than $650,000; Circumventing federal safeguards by having a family member without a criminal conviction, such as a spouse, obtain a licence; Efforts by organized criminal groups to gain access to a licence through a complex web of associates. “Criminal groups are currently exploiting Health Canada’s MMAR program,” says the report, adding “at least one high-level criminal organization identified as a national level threat is proactively seeking opportunities to exploit future MMAR guidelines currently being developed by Health Canada.” In 2010, the RCMP said a review concluded that 70 licence holders were violating the terms of their agreements. In 40 of the cases, holders were trafficking marijuana. Last month, CBC-TV aired an interview with a man from Nelson, B.C., identified only as Jack, who said he made about $120,000 a year selling the marijuana he cultivated using his medical licence. Under Health Canada’s new medical marijuana program, individuals will no longer apply for licences to grow plants at home. Instead, licensed producers will cultivate marijuana for distribution to individuals whose health-care providers agree it is an appropriate treatment. The government says the licensed producers will be subject to extensive security and quality-control requirements. Those include security clearances for key personnel, alarm systems at growing facilities to detect intruders, and compliance and enforcement measures, Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq said in an opinion piece published Wednesday by the Globe and Mail newspaper. In addition, dried marijuana will be shipped through a secure delivery service directly to the address the client specifies, Aglukkaq said.

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The 2013 study is in keeping with earlier studies indicating difficulty in matching training with need. A Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons survey of doctors that it certified in 2011 indicated 14% had not found a position within 4 to 12 weeks of writing their exams. The 2012 National Physician Survey of Residents also indicated more than two-thirds of those surveyed (67%) felt stressed about finding employment at the end of their training. Although doctors at the Calgary meeting generally supported the need to review supply and demand planning, some did so because they questioned whether the anecdotes of under-employment or unemployment are accurate or reflect the reluctance of some graduates to move to more remote underserviced areas. The data on this is somewhat ambiguous, said a delegate from Vancouver, British Columbia. It may not be as bad in unemployment or under-employment as Dr. Pasternaks report suggests. But Pasternak, who suggests a job-matching program and mentorship initiatives may help residents take over a retiring doctors practice, says many of the residents he has spoken to are prepared to move. They just dont have an understanding of where those needs are, he said. Some employment problems exist because hospitals or health regions dont have the necessary resources to hire new graduates, several doctors said. Much of the under-employment doctors identify also relates to difficulty some have in accessing infrastructure, such as the problems that some surgeons have booking operating rooms, the CMA suggested in background documents. The continued existence of long wait times for consultations and procedures suggests that lack of demand is not the key factor that is resulting in underemployment, the CMAs background document states. Psychiatrists are among specialists in short supply across the country, as Dr.

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Does Penn State health care mandate violate worker privacy?

Live in — New — — so what are the questions that have people concerned about this — — — were talking about a wide range of questions here are some ask about height weight and cholesterol but as you mentioned others are considered far more intrusive ranging from use of tobacco. To feelings of depression. One question asks and I quote have you had five or more alcoholic drinks — a single sitting in the last six months and men are asked. Do you do a monthly sister’s — self exam employees who don’t answer all questions — find 100 dollars month. The school says the information is kept confidential but critics well they’re not so short. At least one professor says he will fill it out but only — of nonsensical answers. My suggestion is that — — employees dutifully fill up their profiles. And filled with junk. So for example in my profile — three feet eight inches — highway fifty pounds. In addition to the surveyed employees also have to undergo a physical exam. At a — there’s — — while medical vans and — have already some are calling this the other.

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Farting on aircraft: Smelly but better out than in, say gastroenterologists

Rudd sworn in as Australian prime minister

However, the odour – and women’s farts smell worse than men’s – may impair cabin service and thus the quality of life aboard the aircraft. They warn of consequences in the cockpit. “If the pilot restrains a fart, all the drawbacks previously mentioned, including diminished concentration, may affect his abilities to control the airplane,” the researchers say. “If he lets go of the fart his co-pilot may be affected by its odour, which again reduces safety on board the flight.” The specialists did not recommend setting farts alight, either on land or in a plane, despite its proven ability to reduce odour. They reluctantly dismissed the notion of rubber pants with an attached air container for collecting gas as “somewhat extreme”. But they reckon putting active charcoal in passenger seats is a winner of an idea that could be backed up with special undies. “The future frequent flyer may develop the ability to “sneak a fart” by wearing charcoal-lined underwear thus experiencing a comfortable flight in harmony with fellow passengers,” they conclude. Pre-flight passenger methane breath tests and reducing fibre in airline food options were also considered. Here are some essential farting facts There are roughly two types of fart – silent, also known as sneaking, and loud. The average person farts about 10 times a day. Women’s farts smell way worse than men’s. Sulphur containing gasses are responsible for the pong.

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Gillard resigned after the party vote on Wednesday night and announced she will leave politics. A major factor in Gillard’s demise — and in Rudd’s Phoenix-like return — is the election Australia has to hold by the end of this year. Under Gillard’s leadership, Labor was facing overwhelming defeat, according to opinion polls. But the same polls show a Rudd-led Labor Party would fare much better at the ballot box. Australian Governor-General Quentin Bryce oversaw the swearing-in ceremony at Government House in Canberra. The governor-general represents Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. Rudd is widely popular with Australian voters, who go to the polls in September to pick a new parliament and government. Gillard had called for the vote herself after months of inner-party friction. Rudd, who was elected in 2007 but was ousted by Gillard in a leadership challenge in 2010, said he returns to the office of prime minister with “humility, with honor and with an important sense of energy and purpose.” He said the negative politics holding Australia back in recent years “must stop,” and that he will strive to achieve this goal as prime minister. He also paid tribute to Gillard as “a woman of extraordinary intelligence, of great strength and great energy,” and said she had achieved remarkable reforms despite heading a minority government. In her own news conference, Gillard said she was grateful to have had the opportunity to lead her country. “This privilege was truly humbling.

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Rheumatologists and Gastroenterologists are Reluctant to Prescribe Biosimilars for Indications in Which They Have Not Been Clinically Tested

According to Biosimilars Advisory Service: Physician Perspectives on Biologics in Immunology & Infectious Disease, a similar proportion of surveyed rheumatologists and gastroenterologists, 49 percent and 47 percent, respectively, say that indication extrapolation should be performed carefully because some patients might be more sensitive to minute differences between the brand and the biosimilar. Despite the moderate uptake of biosimilars that we expect from these specialists, the sheer size of this market means that biosimilars for immune diseases will be the most lucrative class of biosimilars by 2021. Survey findings suggest that in order for gastroenterologists and rheumatologists to feel comfortable prescribing a biosimilar, a randomized, Phase III trial comparing the biosimilar to its reference brand would be required in all indications. This differs from regulatory guidance in the United States, Europe and Japan which states that indication extrapolation is permitted, as long as it is scientifically justified by the applicant. Surveyed gastroenterologists and rheumatologists are hesitant to adopt biosimilars unless these agents demonstrate robust clinical data, so incentives, like cost reduction, will be important to facilitate uptake, said Biosimilars Advisory Service Director, Andrew Merron, Ph.D. Despite the moderate uptake of biosimilars that we expect from these specialists, the sheer size of this market means that biosimilars for immune diseases will be the most lucrative class of biosimilars by 2021. The Physician Perspectives on Biologics in Immunology & Infectious Disease module of the Biosimilars Advisory Service offers extensive primary research with US, French and German gastroenterologists and rheumatologists to highlight the key expectations that will drive or constrain biosimilar adoption. Insights from surveyed gastroenterologists and rheumatologists provide a sound basis for annualized, brand-specific biosimilar sales forecasts for the TNF-alpha inhibitors, other major biologics used in immune diseases and pegylated interferon alpha products, which are all included in the module. Sales forecasts are provided through 2021 across the seven major pharmaceutical markets (United States, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Japan). About BioTrends Research Group BioTrends Research Group provides syndicated and custom primary market research to pharmaceutical manufacturers competing in clinically evolving, specialty pharmaceutical markets. For information on BioTrends publications and research capabilities, please contact us at (610) 321-9400 or http://www.bio-trends.com . BioTrends is a Decision Resources Group company. About Decision Resources Group Decision Resources Group is a cohesive portfolio of companies that offers best-in-class, high-value information and insights on important sectors of the healthcare industry. Clients rely on this analysis and data to make informed decisions. Please visit Decision Resources Group at http://www.DecisionResourcesGroup.com . All company, brand, or product names contained in this document may be trademarks of their respective holders. Contacts

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Gastroenterologists Use New Technology to Detect Precancerous Cells

The WATS3Dcomputer-assisted brush biopsy takes a wide sample of tissue from the esophagus and then analyzes it using a 3-Dimensionial computer imaging system that is based on an algorithm developed as part of the U.S. Strategic Defense Initiative missile defense program. WATS3D stands for Wide Area Transepithelial Sample. URMC Gastroenterologist Vivek Kaul, M.D. , along with Gastroenterology Fellows Danielle Marino, M.D., and Donald Tsynman, M.D., today in Orlando, Fla., presented new research examining WATS3D at Digestive Disease Week, the worlds largest gathering of physicians and researchers in the fields of gastroenterology, hepatology, endoscopy and gastrointestinal surgery. WATS3D computer-assisted brush biopsy takes a wide sample of tissue from the esophagus. Our study examined patients who have had previous endoscopic therapy for dysplastic Barretts esophagus, a condition that can be a precursor to esophageal cancer, said Marino. In these high-risk patients, the goal is to confirm that all precancerous tissue has been eliminated, in order to prevent recurrence of dysplasia and cancer in the long term. Precancerous changes in patients with Barretts esophagus can be difficult to detect because they are often flat and patchy in distribution. The current standard of care for screening patients involves using multiple forceps biopsies to collect samples from the esophagus, but research has shown that this method is not always accurate or adequate. The WATS3D brush biopsy is designed to overcome the limitations of forceps biopsy by collecting a tissue sample from a wider area within the esophagus, thus potentially increasing the yield during surveillance tissue sampling. In three of the 11 patients included in our study, WATS3D found residual Barretts esophagus after endoscopic therapy that the forceps biopsies had missed, said Kaul, associate professor of Medicine and chief, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at URMC. Weve been waiting for a new technology to help us address this important unmet need the results seen with WATS3D indicate a promising area for further research in the field of Barretts esophagus. A sample of abnormal cells detected with WATS3D. About Digestive Disease Week Digestive Disease Week (DDW) is the largest international gathering of physicians, researchers and academics in the fields of gastroenterology, hepatology, endoscopy and gastrointestinal surgery. Jointly sponsored by the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD), the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) Institute, the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE) and the Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract (SSAT), this year DDW takes place May 18-21, 2013, at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Fla. The meeting showcases more than 5,000 abstracts and hundreds of lectures on the latest advances in GI research, medicine and technology.

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Canadian Olympic Team Names Specialists to Lead Health and Science, Mental Performance and Athlete Preparation for London 2012

Marc Rizzardo will reprise his role as chief therapist, which he held at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. For the 2012 Games, he will support Dr. Alleyne by managing the team of therapists. A physiotherapist in Burnaby, B.C., he was Canada’s chief therapist for the 2007 Pan American Games, and a member of the 2008 Olympic health and science Team, as well as sport-specific therapist at the 1984 Olympic Games. Rizzardo has worked as a physiotherapist for many prominent sport organizations including the Canadian Soccer Association, Fencing Canada and the Minnesota Wild National Hockey League franchise. At the last Summer Games, Rizzardo was head physiotherapist for the women’s football team in Beijing. Dr. Kimberley Amirault-Ryan will lead the team of mental performance consultants to help prepare athletes to compete at the London Games. For the past decade, Dr. Amirault-Ryan has worked in this role in professional sport for the Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers, New York Knicks and the Columbus Blue Jackets. For 12 years, she has worked with Canada’s women’s hockey, cross-country ski and speed skating teams. Most recently she was Canada’s lead mental performance consultant for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Dr. Amirault-Ryan is director of sport psychology at the Canadian Sport Centre in Calgary. In 2009, she was one of Canada’s most influential women in sport and physical activity.

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Canada to Host World’s Medical Specialists

The beautiful city of Vancouver, B.C. will welcome the world’s dermatology community as it hosts the 23rd World Congress of Dermatology in 2015. The Canadian Dermatology Association is delighted by the announcement that delegates at the 22nd World Congress of Dermatology (WCD) in Seoul voted to see the largest conference of dermatologic specialists come to Canada. Other locations that were in the running to the host the 23rd WCD included Rome, Vienna, Istanbul and Bangalore. “The Vancouver Bid Committee has worked tirelessly over the last three years attending countless dermatology meetings and strengthening international relationships in order to put a face to the Canadian bid,” says Dr Ian Landells, CDA President. The theme for the Vancouver WCD will be A Global Celebration of Dermatology and will mark the first time the conference has ever been held in Canada. To encourage participation from dermatologists around the globe, the Committee established a comprehensive scholarship program targeted at dermatologists and trainees from developing countries who might otherwise be unable to attend. “Vancouver is a dynamic, multicultural city in a spectacular natural environment and we’re honoured our colleagues around the world elected to use it as the setting for the 2015 World Congress of Dermatology,” says Dr Jerry Shapiro, Vancouver Bid Committee President. Canada’s dermatologists and their supporters will be taking time to celebrate this well-earned victory at the WCD Gala in Seoul before returning home to begin planning for the 2015 WCD. About CDA The Canadian Dermatology Association, founded in 1925, represents Canadian dermatologists. The association exists to advance the science and art of medicine and surgery related to the health of the skin, hair and nails; provide continuing professional development for its members; support and advance patient care; provide public education on sun protection and other aspects of skin health; and promote a lifetime of healthy skin, hair and nails. For further information:

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Canadian Specialist Hospital holds special live laparoscopic surgery workshop and symposium

Dr Rajesh Devassy Specialist Obstetrics Gynaecology.

The live surgeries will take place in the CSH operation rooms. The workshop will bring together a group of highly experience Laparoscopic surgeons with international reputation, who are pioneers in the innovative and safe technique of modern laparoscopic procedure. The surgeons are part of renowned training centers from around the world, such as the Pius Hospital Minimal Invasive Training and Gynecological Oncology Centre located in Oldenburg, Germany. The surgeries will be performed at the Canadian Specialist Hospital in Dubai and streaming live to the auditorium of the hospital. The doctors who will perform the surgeries are Doctor Rajesh Devassy from Canadian Specialist Hospital, Dubai and Doctor Professor Rudy Leon De Wilde form Germany. Following the live surgeries, Doctor Devassy and Doctor Professor Leon De Wilde will give lectures to the audience tackling different issues of gynecology. The workshops will also consist of hands-on training for all the participating Doctors. All doctors at the CSH are encouraged to attend in order to promote a learning environment of self-improvement to ensure that the doctors are up to date with the latest procedures. These initiatives ensure that patients are given the best form of treatment worldwide and at the same time the event has been kept open for Obs/ Gyn specialists associated with other centers. Dr. Hayder Al Zubaidy, CEO of CSH Dubai said, “Such events not only help promote a learning environment for our doctors, but they also help us gain international expertise to benefit from. Canadian Specialist Hospital recognizes that medicine is a dynamic world in which we must continue to evolve in order to remain among the best.” Dr Rajesh Devassy Specialist Obstetrics Gynaecology.

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